Tentative model of the cubilin/amnionless complex and intrinsic factor-vitamin B12

MEMBRANE RECEPTORS INVOLVED in cancer and fetal development

Each new life originates from cellular and biochemical processes that occur in their parents. Many processes have to succeed long before the actual fertilization situation and before we can even begin to talk about a fetus or a growing human being. At the end of a life, cancer , however, can be the final destination and terminate the existence of a human being.

We are investigating which role specific membrane receptors may play during the development and progression of certain types of cancer and during fetal development.

The results will not only be of interest to researchers working with these proteins and their specific functions, but they will also provide important information relevant to humanity in general.

Hopefully, our projects contribute to a better understanding of how certain types of cancer arise, develop and progress, and how they can be treated.


The Mette Madsen group is presently funded by a starting grant from The Danish Medical Research Council and the Sapere Aude program.

February 2015
Research article published in:
Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research:

Melanoma tumors frequently acquire LRP2/megalin expression, which modulates melanoma cell proliferation and survival rates.

December 2016:
Research article published in:
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry:
Megalin is predominantly observed in vesicular structures in first and third trimester cytotrophoblasts of the human placenta.